Jeff Cimmino

Founder/Editor-in-Chief: Jeff Cimmino

Jeff Cimmino has always been passionate about the study of History and Government, and is fortunate to be able to expand his horizons in both of these pursuits as a student at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Having grown up in the liberal state of Massachusetts, Jeff learned to defend conservative principles from a young age. During his time at Georgetown, Jeff has been involved in several clubs and political campaigns. In addition, he completed an internship at the Foreign Policy Initiative, where he published a bulletin on countering online radicalization. After witnessing the fragmentation of the conservative movement, Jeff decided it was time for millennials to begin defining conservatism in the 21st century. Beyond conservatism, he would like to instill millennials with a sense of civic duty and a passion to be a positive force for change in this country.

Hunter Estes

Executive Director: Hunter Estes

Hunter Estes is a student at Georgetown University studying International Politics. Growing up in Washington D.C., he fell in love with government and public service at a young age, and has been actively involved in a number of political campaigns and government offices. In college, Hunter realized that the liberal bastion of academia marginalized the conservative mindset and that politicians and pundits were writing off the millennial population as Constitution-hating socialists. Hunter seeks to engage this generation with the conservative values that built this great nation, and in so doing sought to build a coalition of millennial conservatives that can and will change the future of this country for the better.

Emma Harrison

Marketing & Public Relations: Emma Catherine Harrison

Emma Catherine Harrison studies political science and public relations at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is the current president of the Network of Enlightened Women at UNC and is the public relations co-chair for the Carolina Liberty Foundation. Emma also serves as the Administrative Vice Chairman for the North Carolina Federation of College Republicans. Following graduation, she plans to parlay her experience working for political campaigns into a career in political strategy.