About Us

Mission Statement

Order & Liberty was founded with the goal of engaging millennials to embrace civic duty and to put forth a positive, coherent vision for leading America in this century and beyond. Towards this end, O&L seeks to spur dialogue among young Americans and mark the philosophical and ideological boundaries of conservatism in the 21st century, to ensure it remains an empowering political, social, and economic force.

*The opinions expressed in Order & Liberty articles are the opinions of each individual author*

Literary and Educational Objectives of the Organization include:

  • Defining the conservative voice for the next generation
  • Empowering young Americans to get involved in the political process
  • Engaging conservative thought leaders and educators throughout the United States to contribute articles to the online publication, and time/resources to the on-campus education efforts
  • Promoting civic engagement among millennials by sharing skills and values, and illustrating ways they may work to make a difference in the civic life of their communities
  • Motivating young Americans to make a difference