We Must Stand with Israel

There is no question that we are currently living in a highly unstable, chaotic, and violent geopolitical climate. Russia feels entitled to sovereign territories, Syria is in shambles, and ISIS still controls large swaths of land. In this increasingly fragile climate, it is imperative that America stands in solidarity with its allies. Most importantly, America must reaffirm its wholehearted commitment to standing with the nation of Israel.

It is essential that America does not display any qualms about supporting the state of Israel. In a region plagued by radical Islamism and civil unrest, Israel serves as a shining light of civility and democracy. It seems only logical and humane to offer support to such a nation. Yet, somewhat inexplicably, support for Israel has transformed into a controversial political position. In fact, anti-Israel groups and movements are not all that uncommon in America. The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement is perhaps the most recognizable example of these. The movement has gained limited traction, perhaps most significantly at universities across America. The movement is an ideological propaganda crusade that aims to harm Israel politically and economically. While the movement’s effects have been minimal, the mere presence of such a movement in the United States demonstrates the sad reality that there are still many within America who fail to see the blatantly obvious need for a strong state of Israel.

Throughout history, Jews have been violently persecuted. Unfortunately, today’s times seem to follow such a despicable trend. Pakistan, Palestine, Iran, and several other states threaten Israel’s way of life. The leaders of these nations promise to destroy Israel and encourage gross atrocities against Israeli citizens. America must do anything in its power to prevent such tragedies from occurring. Support for Israel is not a politically motivated policy position; it is simply support for fundamental human rights. I believe the entire nation should be able to get behind that.

While supporting Israel is partially grounded in moral obligation, there are also reciprocal benefits America receives from such a close partnership with Israel. The common misunderstanding that support for Israel is beneficial solely to Israel itself is just plain false. Of course, we support Israel in part to ensure the safety of the only Jewish state in the world.  However, support for Israel is not solely out of charity. America, itself, benefits from backing the nation of Israel. Israel is a significant contributor to United States intelligence gathering regarding terrorist organizations and nuclear proliferation in the Middle Eastern region. Additionally, Israel is a part of the oldest American free-trade agreement, the US-Israel Free Trade Agreement. Israel is the top importer of American goods in the region, and the two nations have mutually benefited from their economic relationship. American technology firms such as Google and Intel have even established research and development hubs in the nation. Therefore, not only is support for Israel ethically sound, but it also aids American military strategy, intelligence gathering, business, and ingenuity.

No matter who is elected in November, I pray that we do not stray from unabashedly proclaiming our commitment to the state of Israel. There may not be a more urgent time to support our ally in the Middle East than right now. We must support Israel for the good of Israel, the Middle East, our own nation, and the entire world.

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