The Reaction Against Migration: Populism and Nationalism Intertwined

The problem of migration in an increasingly interconnected world has been a critical issue in Europe and the United States in the early decades of this century. As the number of people entering the West from Africa and the Middle East has skyrocketed, far-right populist parties have seen a surge in support. This reaction is unsurprising, for the native born people in numerous countries feel their way of life is under threat. Why should they accept millions of migrants? Why should they have to incorporate cultures who do not always abide by similarly enlightened standards of human rights?

Political ‘experts’ claim that only far-right nationalists have a problem with refugees and migrants coming into Europe. If this is true, then that makes a majority of people from Eastern and Central Europe ‘far-right’.

Economic liberals claim that these migrants benefit the economy, but at what cost? Wages for the working class are undercut, and communities become ghettoised. I have seen this first hand in England, where these migrant communities refuse to integrate, drive out the former locals, impose their culture on the local population, and expect the government to give them welfare to no end.

Why should anyone have to put up with such disruption? No European country should have to accept any refugees or economic migrants simply because the left-wing educated elite feel the need to pat themselves on the back and say ‘we tried’. In many cases, these are the same people who supported the bombing of Gaddafi and Assad, and somehow did not think about the inevitable consequences of destabilisation in those countries. Somehow they did not comprehend that during the chaos, millions would flee to Europe.

Now we are living with their mistakes, and the situation is deteriorating daily. Recent terrorist attacks in Germany and France are nothing compared to what they could be a decade from now. Before accepting more migrants (if any), there must be strict security screening procedures and plans in place to integrate new arrivals. Unless drastic measures are taken to secure Europe and limit the current wave of migration, Europe risks losing its cultural identity.

Some believe the current path is acceptable. The Left does not seem to care if Western culture disintegrates, yet the irony is that the cultures they wish to welcome in often have wholly illiberal views towards gays and women. Already, in parts of London, women and gays cannot go through the streets without being terrorised by Sharia patrols. In Rotherham, more than 1,400 girls were sexually abused by migrants.

Why is this tolerated by the elites? It is tolerated because it is not in their neighbourhoods. This is why Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom is the most popular party in the Netherlands. This is why the Austrian Freedom Party is surging in support. The masses have had enough of political correctness and lax border policies. Left wing, pseudo-intellectual propaganda from the elites can only brainwash so many before the seemingly apathetic, slumbering masses awake into political consciousness. As they do, the elites will receive their judgment at the ballot box.

This message has crossed the pond and electrified conservative and working-class Americans. Will the populist message stick? Overall, the reaction may be passing…but then again, maybe not. Such beliefs will become more ingrained if the situation in Europe continues to deteriorate.

And, unfortunately, I expect it shall.

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