The Brexit Domino Effect

In times of crisis, it is the civic duty of courageous citizens to rise up and fight for their country. Britain’s loyal subjects exemplified such admirable courage in the European referendum and that, my friends, is no exaggeration.

Members of the political class, the media, and the arts condemned those who understood that the European Union is an anti-democratic superstate, which is bent on the destruction of nation-states. Supporters of Brexit, of which I was one, were derided as racists, extremists, and xenophobes. Why? Simply because we valued the right of self-determination.

Globalists have hitched themselves to the never-ending dream of centralization and control. But power corrupts even the seemingly incorruptible. 64.7% of the laws made for the subjects of the United Kingdom are influenced by the European Union–a clear example of how EU Member States lack true sovereignty. The surrender of so much power is made even more disgraceful by the fact that the citizenry was never consulted until this referendum.

Fearing the inevitable European Army, uncontrolled migration, and the eventual accession of Turkey into the European Union, the British people fought back against the tyrannical beast which impoverishes Mediterranean countries and destroys Western Europe with mass migration.

Now that the British people have spoken, who will speak next? Austria will have a rerun of the second round of their presidential election in October. If the Far-Right wins the election, they will push for a referendum to exit from the EU if Turkey obtains EU membership. Hungary will also be voting in October, only their vote will be a referendum on migrants. Prime Minister Viktor Orban has made it clear that he does not want the European Union to dictate migration policy for his nation. These two votes may show whether or not the EU is about to collapse.

Meanwhile, in the United States the establishment looks worryingly at the Brexit vote. Christiane Amanpour called Brexit leader Nigel Farage “xenophobic and racist”, an affront to the seventeen million people who voted to leave the European Union. This fear-mongering parallels the demonization of American conservatives who call for increased border security. What the American political class should learn is that they, too, are not immune from a revolt of the masses at the ballot box. Trump has already shown that he can galvanize citizens who want to put their country first. Ignoring the masses would be at the detriment of the American political class. All they must do is look at their brethren in Europe who are attempting to hang on to power for dear life, as they struggle to prevent right wing populists and democratic socialists from taking control.

Globalization, mass migration, and multiculturalism are the key issues of our time. Ignoring this fact will only further detach politicians from reality. Instead of pushing globalization and mass migration on its citizens, the governments of the West must listen to the voice of the people. If not, I fear the situation will deteriorate in ways few could possibly imagine.

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